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Father of Grace, Maddie, Will, & Abby

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What did you like most about working with Dan?

• I liked the positive motivational approach Dan took. He was very excited and up beat, which helped everyone to mirror his attitude.

• Overall it was very motivating and eye opening.

• Informal and realistic - not 'preachy.'

• The fact that I am responsible for my own destiny.

• It presented a new and different way of thinking of how you can take the little things you experience everyday and use them to your advantage.

• How well Dan presented everything. He was awesome!

• He gave us the first step to transform our lives and move to where we want to be.

• The positive attitude he brings towards life in general and the enthusiasm he has for his work and life. I also liked that he makes things very easy to understand and then apply to your real world situations.

• I felt as though he was speaking directly to me. He made key points that I know I have to work on.

• He encouraged participation.

• It was a fresh reminder for us to think positive, change our mindset even during bad times.

• The use he made of the 2 hours and the flow of the presentation, the clarity of the message, and the way he engaged participants and allowed everyone to participate regardless of how unwilling and uncooperative a participant may have been.

• Specific examples and techniques about how to change your emotional state.

• It was tailored to our company. I was able to take what was discussed and apply it to my everyday as opposed to more general broad cookie cutter seminars.

• That I was able to give feedback and give my opinion. He listened to what I had to say without being judgmental or dismissive of my thoughts.

• Dan did a great job of explaining everything in great detail including the 'why' and 'how.'

• It taught us something that we could use every day to improve ourselves. This will be helpful at work as well as at home.

• Dan's ability to make you feel comfortable and put you at ease was wonderful. He brought to the forefront areas where I know I need to improve in my day to day living.

• I love his energy and personality. His training definitely will be an asset to our company.

• Very inspiring and relevant. Dan has a great personality!


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